Special Projects

The Haefele Staircase” is a project that, from design to complete product, comes out of the ArgoWeld factory. Designed and conceptualized by Steven Roger-Lund, and expressing his passion for the laser-cutting process, this staircase won Steven a Merit Award at the 2008 Sassda Awards. Respecting the fact that stainless steel is notoriously difficult to finish well, Steven created a “3D puzzle”, which required a minimum amount of welding. 
“The Pivot” was our first artist-designed sculpture (Marco Cianfanelli). The artist provided the outer shape and the number of horizontal and vertical layers; the manufacturing method and drawings were done by Steven Roger-Lund. The Pivot is an 18m tall sculpture, which stands at the new Pivot Hotel site next to Monte Casino. It was manufactured in 6 x sections, and erected on 26 November2009. The sections were bolted together, and the fins welded at the joints. The Pivot weighs 5652kg, and is manufactured in 6mm and 10mm thick Grade 304s/s. 
“The Tokara Vines” are our latest venture into art. Once again, artist Marco Cianfanelli was the originator of this piece, and this sculpture was hand-drawn by him in its entirety. The sculpture is 3.5m tall and about 9.5m wide, and weighs about 1600kg. The contoured layers are fixed to each other with 10mm round bar pins, and the material used is 4.5mm and 6mm Grade 304 s/s. This sculpture is at home at the Tokara Wine Estate in Stellenbosch, and graces the front entrance to the cellar’s’ winetasting area. The “crowns” of the 4 x vines are covered in words, which represent various stories relating to the wine estate and its history; and if you have time and patience, we challenge you to “read the trees”! The plinth/ base of the trees is a ton of lip channel, which is weighed down with concrete to keep the sculpture standing up.
Conceptualised in 2007, The Mind’s Vine is another Marco Cianfanelli creation, depicting four vine trees, whose branches are adorned with words: words that talk about wine, the history of wine, the growing conditions of wine, the sensory perceptions associated with wine, and the history of the Tokara Wine Estate, where this  sculpture graces the front entrance.
As a result of the awesome manufacturing skills displayed during the build of The Pivot, Steven Roger-Lund was asked to be involved in this long overdue sculpture.
This sculpture is a laser-cut creation, and is fabricated in 4.5 and 6mm Gr.304 stainless steel sheet metal. The contoured plates are connected via 10mm round bar pins. The sculpture stands 3.6m high, and the canti-levered crown has a width of 9.4m. It weighs 2200kg, and is stabilized by a large mild steel footing, which is concreted into the ground.
The sculpture invites viewers to walk under and through the trees, and to  contemplate the different aspects of wine, as well as to appreciate the exquisite physical contrast of the stainless steel with the blue sky on a sunny day; on a grey wintry day, the stainless steel blends in with the pervading feeling of a winter vineyard. At night, the stainless steel creates an inviting and mysterious ambience due to well-placed lights, that illuminate the trees from within.
The manufacturing skill lay in the precise planning of the assembly of this piece. Superb tig-welding created small seams and timber-like birds-eyes, that imitate real vine-stems. Of course the precision of the laser-cutting process was a fundamental requirement in the manufacturing process.
The sculpture was manufactured in 8 parts, loaded onto a low-bed trailer, and transported to Stellenbosch by road. The fabrication was a giant jigsaw puzzle, and took about three and a half weeks to complete. Installation took one and a half days, and on 14 April 2010, The Mind’s Vine became reality.
Steven Roger-Lund of ArgoWeld cc and Marco Cianfanelli were awarded the Art Project award at the 2012 SASSDA Awards.
“Urban Being” is situated in front of the Hatfield City Lodge in Pretoria. Another Marco Cianfanelli creation, this large man is fabricated in 8mm mild steel plate, he stands 12m tall, and weighs approximately 8.2 tons. The majority of the steel plate was left to rust, whereas a few plates were painted. The Urban Being was fabricated in November 2010, and the sculpture was erected on 4 December 2010.
“Inner City, the City within”
Well-known South African artist, Marco Cianfanelli, was tasked to turn a huge sunscreen into an artwork for Absa’s new West Tower building in Marshall Street, Johannesburg. The idea was to bring the view through the 33 x 17m window onto a stainless steel canvas inside the building. Marco’s idea was to create a pixel-like picture by using laser-cut holes in different sizes –about 235000 of them!
It then became Steven Roger-Lund’s’ task to create a “stainless steel photograph”. 
First, he had to devise a bracket system that would be fastened to the 8x catwalks in front of this window. This primary bracket system would allow him to mount 706x stainless steel panels. The brackets were fabricated in 6mm s/s, and they carry 32mm s/s square tubing, which the secondary bracket system uses as support.
The brief from the artist added a few more challenges: firstly, the panels came in three sizes, but they would also be mounted at three different depths! This required a secondary bracket system which would connect the panels with each other much like a patchwork quilt.
The stainless steel panels were made in 0.7mm Grade 304 stainless steel, brushed on both sides, laser-cut with the required holes, and bent into trays. The connecting brackets were cut in 1.5mm s/s, and brackets were cut in 1.2mm s/s to strengthen all corners of the trays where trays were bolted to each other.  About 16000 stainless steel nuts and bolts were required to create this 8-storey high tapestry!
From a manufacturing point of view, this project was very simple. It was however a major challenge from a design and installation perspective. The preparation of the panels and all the brackets was simple once the design was mastered. Physically hoisting multiple panels into the air and getting all panels into their correct position required meticulous planning and discipline.
Working on a large building site proved to be the biggest obstacle of all in terms of access, and as a result, a job that should have taken 7 working days on site, took twice as long. 
This project engaged Steven Roger-Lund and his crew from October to November 2010. In October 2012, Steven Roger-Lund and Marco Cianfanelli won the SASSDA Awards Architectural Project award for this project.
“Domain of the Mountain Leopard”
This sculpture was erected on 1 July 2011 at Leopard’s Leap Wine Estate in Franschhoek. Again, the sculpture by Marco Cianfanelli was fabricated in Honeydew and shipped to Franschhoek. The Leopard is fabricated in 6mm Domex material, and was left unpainted. A characteristic of this material is, that it will rust to a point, at which it stops rusting. According to local newspaper reports, the Leopard sculpture has become a landmark in Franschhoek.
“Shadow Boxing”
This 5.2m tall sculpture was erected in front of the Johannesburg magistrate’s’ court in February 2013, and was unveiled in June 2013.  The sculpture is based on a photograph taken by Bob Gosani of Nelson Mandela in boxing pose. Marco Cianfanelli translated the photograph into a layered steel sculpture. The painted finish accentuates this powerful image.